WHC is a Founding Member of the World Wallball Association

WWBA General Assembly Minutes 2021 pg. 1-12

Minutos de La Assemblea General del WWBA 2021 pg. 13-27

Danny Marin, Colombia

Danny Marin was born on August 26, 1983, in Queens General Hospital in Queens, New York, as the oldest child of 3 to immigrant parents from Colombia. He was raised in Jackson Heights where he obtained his secondary education.

After his father was tragically killed in front of his building and in front of him, October 1997, he was introduced to Handball, what we call today “Wallball” by his cousin, Abraham Orrego. His home park is 93rd street park, located on 93rd street and Northern BLVD in Jackson Heights Queens NY. From that point on Danny became preoccupied with learning everything he could about the sport. He soon began playing in local tournaments, such as Elmhurst Hospital Handball Tournament in 1999 where he placed first, playing then with now TOP LINE and very well-known players. Besides taking part in New York City inter-borough local events, he also took first place again in B Singles 3 Wall Eastern Regional Handball Tournament held in Centennial Park, Maryland. There he defeated Paul Hailey, who at that time was a top-ranking handball player.

In 2003, Danny joined United States Navy and successfully fulfilled his contractual obligations. He was then honorably discharged from his military service and returned to civilian life, where he went to get his bachelor’s degree in Homeland Security from the University of Saint Leo in Florida. While on Active Duty, Danny was introduced to and became a Freemason. Danny currently holds his 32 degree and spreads light and knowledge wherever and to whoever he encounters.

Presently, Danny Marin has put all his efforts, not only into showcasing one of this world’s finest sports, but also to give back his community in Pereira, Colombia, where he built a Handball/Wallball court. He has also earned his CERTIFICATION in “SPORTS ADMINSTRATION” in Colombia to be able to create and work with other international organizations to bring about the mission of the sport.” To Achieve OLYMPIC STATUS. Danny will be competing in an upcoming tournament held in Guayaquil, Ecuador from October 8-10, 2021, where he will be representing COLOMBIA as a country.

Saul Montero Jimenez, Mexico

Saul has organized and coached Wallball in Mexico City for many years. He has experience in tournaments for youth and development.   He and his teammates participated in the World Games 2014 and are recognized as elite teams with gold medal performances in Wallball events in Europe and South America.  " Para mi el ONE WALL es mas que un deporte, es mas que un pasion, es un Forma de vida!, que permite a grandes y chicos desarrollarse dentro y fuera de la cancha."

Nancy Ortiz, USA

Nancy is  the USHA Massachusetts State Chair.; Co-Founder and Chief Financial Officer of the New England Handballers Association Inc since July of 2015.

She is a handball player and passionate about teaching it to others. Her husband Will work tirelessly to advocate, promote, and protect existing outdoor and indoor handball court spaces. Their goal is to make Handball popular in New England and grow more handball players. They would like to instill their passion to new blood to develop an affordable and lifelong sport for people of all ages and skill levels.  Nancy is a full-time High School teacher in Worcester Public Schools.

Jay Sanchez, USA

Jay is very well respected for Wallball Worldwide which a platform he founded.  He documents and memorializes events across the states in  USA.  He has a vast background in marketing and sport management, having worked with a baseball museum and MLB, as well as in the entertainment industry. As a player, he has played  extensively in Europe.  He also had an instrumental role in getting breakdancing into the Olympics which will debut in the Paris Games of 2024! 

Tywan Cook, USA

In 2021, Cook is indisputably the best player in the world. A 2012 WHC Champion and in 2021 his accolades include all major events in New York City.  This year alone he slammed in the USHA Nationals singles and doubles, won the Buddha Memorial with his partner Billy Bar with over 78 teams in a 2 day long event! He won the USHA Small-Ball Nationals, and intends to claim the crown at the Vegas 3 Wall Event in October at the Stratosphere Hotel. His performance this year will echo in eternity and place him in the history books as one of  the titans of the sport.

Joe Gotsch,USA

Joe is a professional handball/wallball player from New York. When he found handball, he immediately fell in love and the rest was history. Thus far, Josef has received 1st at the World Championships, 3rd at the World Championships, 1st five times at Open 4 Wall Championships, 3rd in the 3 Wall Championship Games in the Ametuer division in 2019 to come back and win the pro division in 2020.

His first international match he placed 3rd in the London Opens, and he’s managed plenty of other podium finishes along the way. His exploits have made him a force out on the court and earned him a place among the best in the world. He also loves the fact that this sport has so much potential to grow and wants to play a role in bringing it to the masses.

Aside from handball, he’s heavily involved with the ICHA, USHA, and HH, which teaches the sport to kids, funds programs, provides schools with merchandise and equipment, and hosts events to get the community involved in handball.

What Is your biggest sporting accomplishment?

For my sport every 3 years we have the Worlds. It's basically our version of the Olympics. My first time ever competing in the Worlds I got a gold and bronze medal for Team USA! I was so proud of this moment.

What do you hope to still achieve?

I hope to achieve one of the biggest goals my sport seems to face and that is recognition as an extreme sport. I would love to achieve airtime for big events and reach the Olympics one day so the kids who play this sport all over the world have something to look forward to for their future.

 Karol Viviana Chicaiza Guerrero, Colombia

Hola mi nombre es Karol Viviana Chicaiza guerrero pertenezco al pais de Colombia soy una de las tantas representantes del wall ball colombiano, me enorgullece pertenecer a este deporte a esta comunidad, este deporte me ha impulsado a crecer como deportista y como persona, tengo 23 años y me apasiona el deporte como wall ball, lo he practicado la mitad de mi vida y espero poder contribuir en el desarrollo del mismo como tal--Mis expectatives como deportista es estar dentro de las mejores en cada pais y contribuir al mismo como tal. 

 Lily Fung, USA

I started playing handball when I was about 10 years old with my sisters in Brooklyn. I always used to watch them play against players like Danielle and Sandy and wanted to get into the game too. So when I got into high school, I joined the team where I played small ball and ended up loving it and eventually became the best in my school. After I graduated, unfortunately small ball wasn’t played so much so I transitioned into big ball. I’ve been playing big ball for about 8 years, I would say my best year/years so far was this and last year. It was always a goal of mine to be an A player, because at that point, I feel like that means you’ve reached the highest level of the sport so hopefully one day soon I can say I made it. I love handball because not only does it keep me busy, it keeps me active and somewhat fit. I’ve also had the opportunity to travel internationally where I’ve met tons of people who share the same passion for the sport. Oh and I can’t forget the most important thing, I wouldn’t have met my significant other if it wasn’t for handball so for that I am grateful for the sport.-- My favorite tournament ever was in Cuba, where I won all 3 events as pictured above. 

Ioannis Bachas, Greece

"All are equal in front of the same wall"

Handball is a brilliant solution for physical and mental health for everyone. With out having to spend for equipment, for renting a court everyone can practice and enjoy a game beyond all borders. Handball maybe is the most modern solution in a variety of the problems  by a modern world. It brings the values of inclusion in sports. Men and women (or else), from any class, religion, language can in pure equality play together in front of the same wall. This is the only wall (the wall of Handball that unites people not divides). Ioannis Bachas, Greece.


Carlos Lalama, Ecuador

Carlos Lalama was born on September 30 1974 in Brooklyn, New York, and raised in Queens. His first encounter with a Handball was at the age of 12 where most of his days were spent in Jr. High School Horace Greely I.S. 10. He developed his skills by playing at his home park on 38th street behind , Steinway street, and gathered more experience jumping around courts with friends such as West four, Orchard beach, St Johns, Coney Island to name a few.

Carlos left the States at age 17 to finish his studies in Ecuador and start a new life where he had put on hold Handball life. One day at age of 35 driving by a school he saw some people playing and decided to go and give it a try, after 3 months of practicing it all came back and it was like he never stopped playing. Since that day he has won many National Tournaments, has been selected to play for the Ecuadorian National Team and has traveled around the world playing this amazing sport. In 2012 he played for Ecuador and together with Eduardo ‘Shooter’ Ramos achieved 3rd place in the Federate World Cup in Ireland , and in 2018 became +40 World Champion which was held in Minneapolis, USA.

He was Vice-President on the Ecuadorian Federation from 2015 to 2019; but his most proud and joy in this sport is his Annual International Wallball tournament held in Guayaquil-Ecuador, here is where he gives back to the future young Wallball players. His tournament is made for the young and upcoming players whom don’t have the opportunity for various reasons to travel and play with elite players around the world (only watch them on YouTube), so he invites them over to the tournament. This tournament has had some of the named pro-players in the world such as: Willie Polanco, Herman Mendez, John Bermudez, George Figueroa, Veronica Figueroa, Tina Johnson, Victor Lopierre and many more!!

Because of the Pandemic last year’s tournament was withheld from happening, but this year, on October 8-10 2021 and trying not to break the tradition there will be a small tournament with outstanding players such as: Herman Mendez, Wally Amaro and Danny Marin.

Long term mission, having Wallball as an Olympic sport!

Jonathan Iglesias, Costa Rica

Jonathan Iglesias started playing handball at the age of 10, picking up the big ball game on the 1-Wall courts on various New York City parks. He would often play for up to 10 hours a day, quickly becoming obsessed with the game and the competition. Known affectionately as “Pudgy” to his New York City contemporaries, Iglesias became a fixture on the New York tournament handball scene and the junior national handball scene.

Iglesias applied his aptitude for 1-Wall big ball handball to 4-Wall handball, developing a hybrid style that incorporated his unique outdoor talents with the indoor game. By his late teens, Iglesias was one of the best all-around handball players in the world, capable of competing against the best players in the game in 4-Wall, 3-Wall, and 1-Wall with either the big ball or small ball.

Iglesias headed to Chicago and Lake Forest College to train under Hall of Fame coach Mike Dau and to play for one of the handball’s collegiate dynasties. Iglesias became a four-time All-American at Lake Forest, honing his singles and doubles game with good friend Suhn Lee. Iglesias also participated in the country’s most prestigious professional handball tournaments while attending Lake Forest, gaining experience that would further elevate his handball game.

Iglesias works full time in New York City but commutes to Costa Rica frequently, serving as the Development Director for handball in Costa Rica. Iglesias represents the New York Athletic Club, home to 248 Olympic medalists throughout its illustrious history. Iglesias belongs to a celebrated list of New York Athletic Club sponsored handball royalty throughout its proud lineage, including John Bike, Tracy Davis, and Paul Brady. Iglesias will serve as one of the New York Athletic Club’s player-hosts at the WPH NYAC Race 4 Eight IV Stop #4, March 13th-15th, 2015 at the New York Athletic Club.

18 years after starting as a 1-Wall big ball player, Iglesias is a 10-year veteran on the 4-Wall professional handball tour. Currently ranked #13 on the WPH R48 tour, Iglesias has proven he can beat the very best in the sport. Wins over Luis Moreno, Sean Lenning, and Mando Ortiz in the past year have demonstrated that Iglesias is a major force on the WPH R48 tour.

Iglesias continues to climb the WPH rankings, as he approaches every player’s goal of becoming a member of the highly acclaimed WPH Elite 8. Iglesias has finished 9th and 10th in the first two Race events of the 2014-2015 Race 4 Eight IV season, placing him at 11th on the R48 IV season points list with an impressive 5-3 record against ranked pros on the season. Iglesias recently added the prestigious Albany Open title to his growing list of achievements.

Anastasiya Spiridonov

Ananstasiya Spiridonov in 2006 slammed in the Open Ladies Singles and Doubles One Wall Events in Edmonton, Canada.   She is renowned for being a fierce competitor with power shots and agility, having  won many open events in the NYC area in the mid to late 2000s.  She now resides in Israel, and is enthusiastic about being an agent for change to increase awareness about Wallball.  We honor you and hope we can be of support in your journey.