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Photo courtesy by Handball of the Americas 2021 Buddha IX

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Welcome to the Wallball e-blog

"Success is No Accident"

- Pele

How many languages can you say, well deserved!  Patience, persistence, and good honest character encompass the qualities of a true champion; and it appears that Tywan Cook has mastered these qualities. This weekend, winning the Buddha Memorial Doubles with his partner Billi Bar has memorialized Ty in history as a star. He slammed the USHA Wallball Nationals winning both singles and doubles events this year, which is no easy feat. We are going to have to dub him, the number one player at the current moment.  Did you know, he is a former World Handball Champion too!  He represents the USA, and is from Lincoln Terrace Park in Brooklyn, New York City. Tywan is a model citizen, not only is he a super athlete with a great attitude, he also has given back to his community in the past by teaching handball for free to his peers and cohort.  We salute you Ty! Keep up the great work and setting an example for urban youth. 

Tywan Cook

Photo courtesy Q1.imagery


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