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WHC is a Founding Member of the World Wallball Association

WWBA General Assembly Minutes 2021 pg. 1-12

Minutos de La Assemblea General del WWBA 2021 pg. 13-27

Congratulations to the CIJB's Elite World One Wall Tournament. The WWBA kicks off an event, in style with live social platform coverage and archiving to memorialize the event. 13 countries sent their number one contenders to find the best player in the Ladies' and Men's divisions . Brutal matches took place at Tavernas Blanques Wallball Stadium in Valencia, Spain to crown the new champions.  President Soldado creates a wave of media for all International Wallball patrons.  Mar Jimenez from Spain is  the new reigning Ladies Champion demonstrating she is a formidable foe and Spain is seen as a rising powerhouse for the women athletes in the sport of Wallball!

Tywan Cook adds another win to his repertoire defeating Sacha Kruithof from Spain. USA's Tywan Cook remains the undisputed best player in the world!  

Photo Courtesy of the Canadian Handball Association circa 2021

About the World Handball Council

WHC is the umbrella Organization for most of the national regulatory bodies that govern the sport of handball in two grades 1wall and 4 wall. Founded in 1957 the WHC provides expertise in, for example, Anti-doping, referee integrity and education, and vetting for members countries,  associate countries, and observer countries.

Meetings are held with the purpose of uniting, support, and promote its Members and development of the National Regulatory Bodies for the coordination and protection of their common aims and interests, communication and cooperation, while at the same time conserving and respecting their autonomy.

It serves as host to the most popular handball tournament in the world. The venue is unmatched by any other Handball event. In 2012, CityWest in Dublin, Ireland, hosted 1000 athletes and about 6000 fans over 14 days with cultural festivities. The World Handball Championships hosts for youth and adults alike, and alternates between 3 continents every three years. No other handball venue can compare.

Proposed Strategic Plan

WHC’s Vision

WHC vision is to be, “The united voice of Handball, protecting the interests of its members, associates members, and observer countries.” This vision encapsulates multi-faceted role; from supporting its member countries to gaining international federation status for Olympic and non-Olympic games.

WHC Mission

Wall Ball is Life!

The Mission of WHC is to serve, represent, promote and protect the common interests of our Members and to help them achieve their future objectives of approaching IF status for Olympic and Non Olympic Event Participation.

In particular, the objectives of WHC are to facilitate and promote knowledge sharing between its Members; to support the Organizations; to develop specific services for its Members in unique areas; and to organize and coordinate multi grade-handball events from youth to 90 plus!

WHC is uniquely placed within the handball milieu to provide knowledge sharing and best practices across all critical areas of handball governance, as well as help develop an International Federation for their sport. WHC represents the collective interests of Members in handball institutions and sports gatherings and creates one major world championship platform to generate commercialization opportunity, profile of elite athletes and revenue for hosting Members countries. As part of its services to Members, WHC also acts as official sanctioning body for international uniformity and potential global branding and presence.

Officers of the World Handball Council


Dr. Raquel S. Barnes 


Secretary Treasurer: 

Michael Driscoll (USA)

We’re Looking for Volunteers!

Vice President

We are taking resumes for position, must have 15 years’ experience in youth development and sports education with a focus in handball/wallball sport

Public Relations Chair (Part-Time)

Must be familiar with social media posting and researching the search engines on the internet. Must be able to upload information of YouTube and other popular platforms Willing to undergo an onboarding process to acquire the necessary knowledge, skills to process information.


(Volunteer Position for 3 Years)

Applicants must have 10 years of experience with handball development and finances or accounting. This position is required to file taxes for the company and present financial information to countries that would like to join the WHC.

Writing Articles Online Opportunities

If you’re interested in reviewing articles that promote sports for youth and have experience interfacing with websites to upload information, please apply. Interested in meeting new people from around the world, this position offers autonomy with opportunities to learn about events within handball globally.


These positions have closed- Thank you for your support!

Legal Council Group 

To Be Announced 

Service Areas

We serve individuals in more than 25 countries, including:

  • USA- All 50 states
  • Ireland
  • Canada
  • India
  • Greece
  • Paraguay
  • Colombia
  • Cuba
  • Puerto Rico
  • Czech Republic
  • Ireland
  • Japan
  • Spain
  • Great Britain
  • Wales
  • Dominican Republic
  • Costa Rica
  • Basque Country
  • Israel
  • Australia
  • France
  • Italy
  • Belgium
  • The Netherlands
  • Italy
  • Mexico
  • Ecuador
  • Chile
  • Argentina
  • Peru
  • Pakistan

Contact Information

World Handball Council

Email: [email protected]  |   [email protected]


What is the purpose of the WHC? The Council is responsible for selecting the host country to the largest handball tournament in the world in two grades 4 wall and 1 wall.  We also connect National Regulatory Bodies to strengthen and grow the sport internationally. The President serves on the executive board of the World Wall Ball Association for global steering and gaming.

How great is our Impact? Some of our members are in existence for over 50 years, being the largest NRGs in the world! We have members in 4 continents with over 100 events per year for adults and youth in the USA alone.  Our NRGs have well documented scholarship and education programs for youth that impact over 50 cities in North America and Europe. 

How does our work serve the consumer? We have a fiduciary responsibility to provide quality Championships that have been vetted for customer service for over 500 athletes.  No other tournament in Wallball/handball compares. Integrity and Honesty are our core values. 

How can your country apply?If your eligible, submit an inquiry form, our board will reach out to your group

USA National Champion 2021 Melanie Garate

Inquiry Form

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